Working on admin panel

Pretty much every long running multiplayer game requires some sort of maintenance system and deep sky isn’t an exception.

While I was working on ship designs, crews and such, I realized that a crewed ship obviously needs a crew of people. Each and every of those people will have to have name, age and stat block at the minimum. In addition they could have traits and maybe even some knowledge of their crew mates (it’s hard to keep secrets when you’re crammed on board of tiny exploration vessel for months or years). And I really didn’t want to create 30 or so people by running hand written sql. So I needed a more automated way of doing it.

And thus the admin panel got some long needed reworking. Current UI is very plain, and pieces are still moving around a bit, but I have a rough idea now.

Screenshot from 2019-11-10 06-53-15

Admin panel showing list of people

On the left side of the content view are short cuts for navigating around the admin panel. Currently selected view is shown with darker colour. Right side is reserved for the content. Top piece on the right shows status of simulation (offline, in maintenance mode, online or processing turn). Below it is the actual panel content. Layout is bit crowded, but I think I can live with it for now. Screenshot above shows list of people currently in game and clicking one will get you to detailed view where person can be edited (not yet implemented).

What is not shown (mainly because it doesn’t exists yet), is page for creating new people. The plan is to have some parameters that user can select (like location of new person, dynasty, age bracket and culture) and button that will initiate creation. After new person has been created, user can of course edit them as much as they want.

Later on I would like to implement more sophisticated system, where it would be possible to create whole dynasties in couple mouse clicks. You could select a planet that isn’t ruled by anyone, pick the year when dynasty ascended to power and have the system to generate multiple generations of the dynasty. That would require managing things like marriages, bloodlines and inheritance. If a ruler has several children, the next ruler should be selected based on inheritance laws. Unless one of the pretenders decides to take matter in their own hands and maneuver for power.


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