Ab Urbe Condita XXI – Karthagon Hannibal Lähtee Sotaan

Karthagon Hannibal Lähtee Sotaan is Finnish translation of 21st book of Ab Urbe Condita, a massive history of Rome written by Titus Livius. It covers bits of Hannibal’s childhood (around 228 BC), but concentrates mostly on time from just before the attack to Saguntum and beginning of the 2nd Punic war, until Hannibal’s winter campaign in Italy. Timespan is fairly short (around one year), but there’s more than enough action in the book.

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Podcasts while painting

I recently dug out some old toy soldiers (15mm later carthagians and early imperial romans from Corvus Belli to be specific) and started cleaning and painting them. As such, I’m going to spend hours and hours sitting in one spot, doing pretty mechanical things. Last time I was doing this, I listened audio book version of the History of the Decline and Fall of Roman Empire (that took a better part of the summer). This time I wanted something different and was happy to hear that Aleks, an online contact of mine, had started a new actual play podcast Underworld Blues and Other Stories. They’re using own system that seems pretty interesting. The setting is mix of fantasy and steampunk, thus right up on my alley.