I have many project, way too many one could say. I like to tinker with things and see what makes them tick. Here’s a alphabetical list of (some of) my projects.

  • apocrita – small lisp implementation written in hy.
  • Archimedes – small set of helper macros for using Hypothesis with Hy. Nifty tool if you like to test your system with randomized data.
  • hyA dialect of Lisp that’s embedded in Python. Friendly project, with friendly community. I help where I can and learn tons and tons of things.
  • Kadath -a visual novel set in dream world. Mainly an exercise in writing and doing a little bit of digital painting.
  • pyherc/Herculeum – my magnum opus. A roguelike dungeon adventure written in hy/Python. This is the project I spend most of my time tinkering with.
  • Snow Planet – a little setting booklet for BattleTech game. Describes Kiiminki star system, local history and some of the most notable members of the society.