Hy Cuisine is a series of blog postings I’m doing about Hy and little tips and tricks that I have found useful. It’s using the current version of Hy (0.13.0 currently) and I’m trying to keep the information up do date. However, mistakes and errors are bound to happen. If you spot one, I would be grateful to hear about, so I can fix it.

Below is index for blog postings, sort of grouped in sensible order. There aren’t many, but I’m trying to write new one now and then (when I manage to learn something I think might be useful for others to know too). If you have a favourite subject you wanted to know more about, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

I’m usually using pretty printing in my examples (enabled by starting hy as “hy –repl-output-fn hy.contrib.hy-repr.hy-repr”). This is still an experimental feature, but I like how neat it makes the output.

Getting started

General tricks