Rooman viimeiset päivät

Rooman viimeiset päivät by Maijastina Kahlos gives a broad and high level view on the last centuries of Rome and details many things considered as its downfall.

There’s 13 chapters and less than 300 pages (285 to be specific), so the book can’t dwell too long in minor details. It proceeds through last centuries of the Rome at breathtaking pace, offering details from cultural, religious, military, economical and what not point of views. But even when pace is fast, Kahlos gives enough space and time for each of the subjects they chose to treat in the book. Each chapter of the book focuses on certain theme, like religion, war and peace or culture. Kahlos actively points out where modern research has superseded old and still often cited research. As such, book gives to the reader nice overview of contemporary opinions of the downfall of the Rome.

I enjoyed the book as it was extremely interesting and easy to read. It captured my attention right at the first chapter and managed to hold it until end. I do wish that the book would have been just a little bit longer though. At the end of the book there’s quite comprehensive bibliography, divided into themes treated in the book. I anticipate plenty of the books mentioned there ending up on my nighttable at somepoint in the future.

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