Paragons: Librarian

I’m planning on doing series of blog posts where I sketch out the current lore and beliefs in my game Herculeum. This one is about Librarian, patron saint of scholars and scribes.

Years and years ago, during the Rising Age, legendary paragons were among the people. They all were skilled in their craft and helped the society to rise to the greatness.

One of these paragons was Librarian. Like with all paragons, their real name has disappeared from the history and they’re know only as Librarian.

Librarian is revered by scholars and other learned people. She is considered as the patron saint of scholars and scribes. Statues depicting her often adorn public libraries, universities and other locations of learning. These statues usually have her hold two scrolls in one hand and sword in other, symbolizing the all cutting truth she brought to the world.

At the beginning of the rising age, Librarian founded a large library and organized expeditions across the known world to collect and copy scrolls. As a result, the library eventually was a huge repository of knowledge and attracted researchers from all around the world.

Librarian wasn’t content on only collecting and copying information. She organized seven departments, each consisting of a group of well respected scholars and gave each of them a mission. These groups were tasked to analyze scrolls of their speciality and conduct new research based on them. Results of this research were collected and placed in the inner chambers of the library, close to the chambers of Librarian.

Librarian disappeared during the Golden age. Legends tell that when her research reached a culmination point, Librarian sealed inner chambers of the Library and hid the entrace behind a complex puzzle and traps. Eventually location of the library was lost in the mist of history.

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