New Direction

I have been hacking pyherc now and then it the project has been slowly progressing. There isn’t much content in place and mechanics are very barebone, but I got to point where I can start thinking more about background story, setting and all that unimportant stuff.

Originally the game was stock-standard fantasy dungeon adventure in the vein of Nethack and other roguelikes. Player was to descent a maze, fight against an arch enemy and retrieve some obscure object. Then I switched the setting around, player was trapped inside a prison maze and wanted to escape. The latest change was removing the magic from the game completely and having some more advanced technology to replace it. This is also a convenient excuse, why all player characters have access to some more exotic skills.

Now, depending on the class, player character is carrying around a host of mechanical gadgets and devices that can be activated. Upon activation, they might spew fire, make movement faster, levitate the wearer and so on. The catch is that every time a device is used, it wears down and eventually stops working. Player has to keep conserving them as much as possible and scavenge spare parts. Some spare parts can be found from dungeon, but the most common way is to fell a mechanical construct and scavenge it for spare parts.

Hopefully this will make the game just a little bit from most of the fantasy dungeon adventures.

master engineer, adventurer, warrior

current cast of the game

Current cast of the player characters is the following: master engineer, adventurer and warrior. Master engineer is physically weak, but has the widest array of mechanical devices in his disposal. Adventurer is balanced character who uses gadgets mostly to avoid combat and resorts to combat only as a last option. Warrior is the strongest of them all, but doesn’t use many mechanical gadgets. In the future I’ll probably add more player characters, but first I need to finish these and have more content to play with.

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