End of Vacation

The blog has been rather silent recently. Partly because I have been busy learning new things (Haskell mainly) and haven’t had anything to blog about, partly because of spending the vacation to go various places with my family. I haven’t worked on pyherc in a while, but I haven’t forgotten it. Next big thing it needs is a new partitioner that can split a level into different sized squares. After that I can reimplement the old and rather ugly looking catacombs level.

I started a side project, partly in order to learn Haskell and made a first release just recently. Space Privateers is now available in Hackage: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/SpacePrivateers. The game is sci-fi themed roguelike, set in distant future and it is built using the excellent LambdaHack engine. I learned some things about packaging and things like that from it, but actual Haskell coding I haven’t done much. I really would like to contribute to the engine, but first I really have to learn quite a bit more Haskell.

One thing I sort of miss is working with Hy. So I’m going to make more effort and catch up with the great community and see where the language is currently headed.