Working with NHibernate 3.0

I have been busy trying to catch up with a big pile of books on my nightstand and finished Working with NHibernate 3.0. I must admit that I was left with somewhat mixed feelings after finishing the book. There are lot of examples and author does good work showing different ways of accomplishing same result. At the same time, the book is rather short (only a bit over 200 pages) and leaves a feeling that some details had to be omitted in order to cover everything that was placed inside the book. I think the book works as an introduction to the subject, but anything more in-depth information has to be gathered from somewhere else.

Vacation time reading

My vacation is starting soon and I was thinking of doing some old traditional reading in addition to listening to librivox audiobooks. So I got myself Working with NHibernate 3.0 by Benjamin Perkins and Dependency Injetction in .NET by Mark Seeman.

Especially the Dependency Injection book should be interesting to read. I have been doing somewhat similar things with my simple game, but without IOC-container. It will be interesting to compare differences in solutions due to difference in language and tools.

The NHibernate one I picked more or less blindly. It’s not very long book, only a bit over 200 pages. If it can give me the basic idea behind NHibernate, some sensible implementation models and warnings about most common pitfalls, I’m pretty happy. I’m not looking comprehensive guide book here, but a kickstarter that gets me going to correct direction.