Hy and anaphoric macros

There’s a nice contrib module in Hy called anaphoric, that (surprise, surprise) contains bunch of anaphoric macros. Wikipedia has nice definition for these in general:

An anaphoric macro is a type of programming macro that deliberately captures some form supplied to the macro which may be referred to by an anaphor (an expression referring to another). Anaphoric macros first appeared in Paul Graham‘s On Lisp and their name is a reference to linguistic anaphora—the use of words as a substitute for preceding words.

Hy documentation lists several of them: ap-if, ap-each, ap-each-while, ap-map, ap-map-when, ap-filter, ap-reject, ap-dotimes, ap-first, ap-last and ap-reduce. I’m not going through all of them in detail, but instead picking couple of them to highlight what the concept is about (I use them all the time while coding).

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