Jupyter + Archimedes

I have been playing with Jupyter and Calysto Hy recently. When it comes to testing (especially with the tools I’m used to), there’s couple hitches: nosetests aren’t executed automatically and any exception that a cell throws stops execution of whole notebook. Like before, this blog post was originally written with Jupyter, because it just makes so easy to interleave code and prose, while making sure that the code is actually runnable.

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Jupyter Lab, Calysto Hy, Archimedes… oh my

I recently came across a really nifty looking set of tools, namely: Jupyter Lab and Calysto Hy. Former is continuation of IPython, a notebook based Python authoring tool. It lets you write notebooks online and mix in Python. As such it’s really nice for writing reports, while doing compations required for that report at the same time. Calypso Hy is metakernel, that allows Jupyter Lab (and Jupyter in general) use Hy.

Here I’m going to give Jupyter Lab and Calysto Hy a little test drive, using some familiar libraries: Hypothesis and Archimedes.

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