Roguelike tutorial in C/C++

I stumbled upon something neat: Beginner’s Guide to Roguelikes in C/C++. Craig Stickel has been writing a tutorial on how to write own roguelike in C/C++. Currently all the articles are from the point of view of C, but judging on the index page, C++ stuff is on the horizon.

What I really like about the articles is that they always have something tanglible at the end. So if you stick to it, read the article through and code, you’ll end up with a new feature. Constant progress is very important when learning something new after all. He also provides full source code, so in case of copy/paste error, you can still get the program up and running.

Maybe I should try to write something similar in the future, when I have a bit more ready for my own project. Could do it from the point of view of using pyherc as a platform to create roguelike game. There are beginnings of the documentation online already, but should polish up things a lot more before it’s useful as a platform.