Hy and Boolean algebra

Recently I started wondering how Boolean algebra actually worked in Hy. I knew that we followed usual Python conventions and was sort of aware of them, but decided to dig into deeper and see how things actually are.

Granted, Boolean algebra maybe doesn’t sound the most exciting subject, but I found the results interesting. This post looks into things if Python 3.4 and 0.12.1 development version of Hy are used.

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Getting familiar with Prelude

Week 3 of CIS 194 was about how to abstract different kinds of recursion patterns with help of map, folds and filter. As a side note, polymorphism was touched upon to show how to define functions that work on several different kinds of data types. Prelude (one of the standard modules of Haskell) was mentioned and encouraged to be explored a bit. Finally total and partial functions were discussed and their differences outlined.

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