Slowly working on code

Coding is fun, I like coding. But coding is also something that takes lots of time. So trying to find that time to do things can sometimes be challenging, especially if you would also like to do something else.

Past week went by in blur. I have been doing that subcontracting job for a few weeks now and slowly starting to get hang of things. Domain is of course something that takes years to understand well, but I have figured out small corner in it where I’m comfortable.

In the evenings I have been carving code for my web based game and got a bare bones ship editor up and running.

Screenshot from 2018-08-26 07-09-46

Ship designer

Writing this in Elm was interesting exercise and I’m confident that I’ll keep using it in the future. I’m planning to keep amount of scripts down to minimum on the client side, but in some places (like in the editor) they make things much easier to work with.

On a related note, I gave a small presentation at the company about Elm and it seemed to be fairly well received. No clue if we ever end up really using it, but it might have sparked interest of some people.

Winter is approaching, which means getting everything ready for winter. Car should be serviced and inspected, chimneys swept and we have plans on switching to district heating. I’m not sure if the company manages to do that before ground freezes over, but I’m hoping they will. Current oil heating is old and needs to replaced sooner than later.

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