Time flies – among other things

Time seems to fly by on these days, but I still manage to have time for hobbies here and there, luckilly.

After I started a new subcontracting gig (short term, only for 4 months for now), time has been flying by really fast. Days at work are full of trying to wrap my head around the existing code base, problem domain and culture in general. So far I have been really happy there, people are nice and code isn’t terrible.

Notice how I mentioned earlier other things flying by? I dug out trusty FlightGear simulator and started brushing up what little I remembered about it. My choice of plane is Cessna 172P, which is simple enough to fly and has equipment needed for radio navigation. So far I have been just flying around small airports and trying to get hang of how things work. I even got myself somewhat better joystick than the previous one I used: T.Flight Hotas X. I’m quite happy with it, certainly beats flying around without one.


Somewhere in Norway, there’s a airport in that fog

Speaking of time. It’s autumn and that means harvesting what little we grow in the garden. Ribes we gathered and dried already (and ate some fresh with oatmeal), we got few cherries (like 6 or 7) that we ate, apples aren’t done yet, neither are plums. Apples we probably eat as they are and plumns bake into pie or two.

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