Hot summer

Summer has been extremely hot and we have been enjoying it at the fullest. While this meant that I haven’t gotten around writing here as much as usually, I haven’t forgotten the blog.

I have been thinking a bit about the blog and came to conclusion that it’s time to shed the skin once again. As you might remember, this blog started as a sort of study diary and later on evolved to more of a mixed bag of technology. Writing has been fun, but coming up with something sensible to say isn’t always easy and often I end up neglecting the blog. I wanted to try something else and return to past times. Thus, I’ll start writing more in style of “welcome to my internet homepage” and blog more about things that I have been doing and have been happening. Rest assured, often it’ll be about technology still though.

Recently I left hy core developers group. While I love the language and the community, I didn’t find enough time and energy to contribute anymore. Sure, I wrote a blog post now and then about it, but that was about it. Code reviews weren’t fun anymore and I hadn’t coded anything new in Hy or for Hy in a long time. So I decided that it was time for me to go. Timing for this was good anyway, as new people have stepped in and the language keeps evolving and growing. I still hang around at the #hy in freenode, because of the awesome (albeit a bit quiet) community there.

On another note, I finished reading Atso Haapanen’s Taistelukaasut (Combat Gases) that I found in discount bin. While Goodreads have good reviews (although only two of them), I wasn’t particularly thrilled about the book after finishing it. There were several sections in the book that were essentially just lists of different types of weapons or where they had been used. In other parts the book was much better written, giving good overview and highlighting some interesting detail. If I had paid the full price for the book, I might have been a bit miffed about it, but the book was worth the bargain bin prize.

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