Space Privateers and LambdaHack

LambdaHack is game engine library for roguelike dungeon crawlers, written in Haskell by Mikolaj Konarski and Space Privateers is a game that I wrote using that library.

Since there was a new release of LambdaHack just recently, I’m planning to return to Space Privateers and continue working on it. First step is to upgrade it to use the latest version of LambdaHack and after that I hopefully will write couple new items or monsters. What really sets LambdaHack apart from most of the other libraries (apart from being written in Haskell) is the fact that it can be used to create squad based games. And squads aren’t limited only to the player faction, it’s possible to have computer controlled squad that explores the world at the same time as you do. The engine supports multiple factions and factions aren’t necessarily hostile towards each other, pretty nifty feature.

I wholly expect the update take a while, especially since I’m not that familiar with Haskell. So in order to keep things rolling, I’m putting the code out half-finished here (currently targeted towards the previous version) and hope that will help me to stay motivated and actually finish this.

2 thoughts on “Space Privateers and LambdaHack

    • It’s like a nightmare where you try to run and faster you run, the slower you go 😀

      Seriously though, I’ll try to set some time aside and get back to this (and programming in spare time in general).

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