Bit of Background

When I originally started pyherc, I had very vague idea about the setting and the backstory. Over the time I modified them a bit and tried to narrow things down. This blog post will be about how the world stands currently.

The game is set in city of Herculeum and the maze that was build underneath of it long time ago. Player is a member of tribe living deep underground and has decided to try and find a way back to the surface. Some members of the tribe have agreed to help them by arranging equipment and supplies being transported along the way the player is planning to take. In exchange they have asked that at least some of the useful items found in the mazes would be transported back for the tribe as the tribe is neighbour to other hostile tribes.

Technologywise the setting is mixed. People are mostly using swords, bows and such low tech weapons, but they also have rather sophisticated mechanical machinery. Inner workings of such machines isn’t fully understood and some are even venerated as semi-holy artifacts. Pinnacle of technology are huge mechanical computers that are countless of years old and being meticulously maintained by priests. Electricity hasn’t been invented, but steam power is used here and there. In essence, it’s ancient romans meet steampunk style of world.

Magic doesn’t feature in the setting pretty much at all, but has been replaced by mechanical devices. Some characters choose to carry little gadgets with them that help them to survive underworld, like tiny hidden crossbows, fire throwers, spring shoes and such. These gadgets require regular maintenance and the more complicated device, more complicated the maintenance is. Gadget smiths and master engineers are highly respected for their skills in maintenance.

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