Hy hy

I haven’t been writing much about hy recently, so it’s time to change it (albeit this will be short one).

First of all, a new version of Hy was released a bit time ago. As usual, it’s available at PyPi. Probably one of the biggest changes was removal of let. As much as we wanted to have it, we never really found a way of getting it working in all cases. So it was removed. Full change log is available online.

To celebrate this, I updated my hy-cuisine pages. All code samples should now work with the latest version of Hy.

Work with hy-files continue. I’m not quite happy with all the examples, so I’m going to change some of them (especially the ones involving Oseo). Mainly I have been concentrating on the easy stuff and trying out different approaches on writing. I anticipate that this will be one of those projects that will never be truly finished.

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