Moving on

It’s spring again (or rather almost summer, depending on where you live) and one chapter is closing again while another one opens. In a short, I’m changing jobs. On the last day of the April, I was still emplyed at Tieto Corporation. On the first day of the May, I’m emplyed at Adafy.

I was working with medical imaging software at Tieto Healthcare & Welfare. Three years isn’t really a long enough time to learn much about the domain, but at least I can now tell maxilla and mandible apart (just kidding, I did learn tons there, but as usual, there’s even more to learn). As always, there was certain amount of jargon that you had to internalize to be able to understand what others are talking about, without having to ask all the time (although asking certainly did help in learning jargon part).

I did learn tons about programming in general and about C# specifically. I even managed to get some sort of understanding about DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) standard. That thing is huge! It’s the standard for medical images and related information. There’s others, more broad standards like HL7, but DICOM is the one for medical images.

I think I understand whole hospital domain (on a very, very high level) a bit better too now. The whole process ofrom showing up in hospital to complain about pain in your head, getting MRI done and corresponding consulating from radiologist to getting treatment you need is incredibly complex. And somewhere behind the scenes there’s this beast that keep track on which beds are reserved, who needs food, what kind of medicine should be dispensed and when and so on. The list is endless.

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing first in Adafy. I know that some things are going to be different (the company is smaller than my old team in Tieto for the starters). Some things are going to be similar (hey, code is code, right?). I’m quite looking forward on showing up there and getting my hands dirty with new challenges.

So, here I’m wishing well and all the best to the great Imaging team in Tieto Healthcare & Welfare. You rock! It was a privilege to work with you.

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