Slow progress is still progress

I have slowly (very slowly) been dragging myself through some category theory papers and trying to wrap my head around it. On the on hand, it’s relatively simple looking stuff, but on the other hand, it eventually gives me a headache. But as they say, slow progress is still progress.

I think part of the trouble I’m having is that it’s really hard for me to quickly see any practical applications for things I read. And it seems to be so far away from anything I have studied in a long time, so that’s giving me hard time too. But still it’s interesting to peruse the pages and try to wrap my head around the concepts presented there.

Luckily, I came across a really informative post by Bartosz Milewski called Monoids on Steroids. It’s relatively long and it goes quite deep into details what monoids are (I haven’t managed to read it completely yet, but I’m working on understanding it). And I just like their style of writing, witty and extremely informative at the same time.


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