Inktober 2016 – final pictures

Inktober 2016 is over and I’m putting up the final set of pictures. This was really fun month and I’m planning to do this next year too. If nothing else, I learned to ink quite a bit faster. I also finally bought a brush pen, which is hilariously fun to draw with.


Here I was trying to channel my inner Gary Larson.


Continuing with jokes, I wanted to draw what would happen if Moby Dick and captain Ahab were working in the same company.


Sokath, his eyes uncovered.


Sometimes you get a feeling that companies are really trying to one up each other and come up with the craziest job descriptions to attract people to work for them.


Common misunderstanding about lean is that it’s about cutting costs.


Here I tried to draw some eagles without sketching anything in advance. Some of them look sort of like eagles, while especially the one at the bottom right look like seagull.


This picture of venerable dreadnought was done with live (well, physical at least) model that I dug out from the closet. Perspective and proportions are all kinds of wonky, but I still quite like it.


Final picture of the month is scarlet witch. I decided to do the movie costume, instead of the more iconic one.


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