Inktober 2016 – week 4

Time really flies. Another week has gone by and I have another set of images to share. This time they’re centered around super heroes. Unlike in the sports pictures, in these I tried to have somewhat more defined characters and lines. The idea was to depict some super heroes in situations they aren’t often seen.



The whole idea of drawing different kinds of super heroes started from the Black Cat I drew earlier and dancing Hulk felt like a logical continuation.


Deadpool, Iron Man and Thor

What kind of roleplaying game would super heroes play? Would they be accountants, car mechanics and such?



Those must be some heavy duty trucks on the board to withstand what ever trick Thing is about to do next.



Here I botched up majorly when I tried to shade the helmet. A lot less pronounced shadows would have been enough. I really like the arm bands though. Valuable lesson to remember in the future.



Colossus could use some better shading, now his body doesn’t really shine. Also, hands are ridiculously hard to draw.



Already got asked if he’s grilling discworlds, but the answer is of course whole grain buns and soy steaks.



Finnish super-hero Vituix-Män (the screw-up man) is fictional (like, more fictional than super-heroes normally) fellow who is called upon when something fails and needs to be done again. The picture borrows a lot from Don Martin, who I read a lot as a kid.


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