Inktober 2016 – week 2

Second week of inktober is finished and I managed to ink one picture every day. Yay me!


Cavern Lurker

Cavern lurkers are rather large and shy creatures. Usually they avoid travelers completely and prefer hiding in deep pools and underwater lakes. Sometimes a lucky adventurer can catch a glimpse of their eyes poking from water, but relatively little is known about these creatures.


Knight of the Forge

Knights of the Forge are ancient order. Every knight swears fealty to smiths of the Forge and spend rest of their lives in servitude. In battle they’re fearsome opponents as the smiths provide top quality weapons and armour for them.


Concoction of suspious kind

It’s common for adventurers carry bottles, vials, tinktures and all kinds of concoctions with them while adventuring. Some are merely snakeoil, while some other ones are actually beneficial. For an adventure to survive, they need to quickly learn to tell useful ones apart from the rest.


Goat smoking a morning pipe

Not all creatures are outright hostile, although this doesn’t necessarily make them any less dangerous to unware adventurer. Different intelligent creatures tend to have their own agendas and sensible adventurer doesn’t trust anyone they don’t personally know well.


Ghosts, spirits and spectres are common in stories

There are of course lots of creatures that are more figments of imagination than real. There are countless stories about spirits and spectres that lure unwary adventurers to their doom with false promises of fortune and other rewards. Every village and settlement has at least one person who claims to know somebody who actually saw ghost once, but truth of these claims has never been ascertained.


Don’t mess with the shrew

The further away you go from civilized settlements, the crazier the stories start to be. There are rumours of little furry creatures that attack in groups and breathe red demon fire. As usual, nobody has actually seen them (or at least seen and lived to tell the story), so these rumours are hard to prove right or wrong.


City of Herculeum

While substantial part of the City of Herculeum is built underground, it doesn’t mean that it’s all small and cramped tunnels. In places, large caverns are filled with towering buildings that reach deep into darkness.

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