Inktober 2016 – week 1

Inktober is a fun challenge where the goal is to practice inking over course of month and consistently ink pictures. You can do one a day, one every other day or even one a week. As long as you’re consistent and keep practicing, you’re good to go.

I decided to do some random sketches of various monsters in Herculeum (albeit most of them aren’t in the game yet) and ink them. I haven’t had nearly enough practice with brush recently, so brush will be the main tool. There’s going to be a small blurb about the monster included too.


Injector dragon

Injector dragon is actually more of a small lizard than a huge firebreathing dragon. It likes living in dark corners and scurrying in shadows. When it founds a promising looking prey, injector dragon waits until the prey falls asleep. It then sneaks to it, injects numbing poison in the unsuspecting target and starts drinking blood. After finishing, injector dragon disappears back into shadows, leaving the prey with small puncture wound that often gets infected.


Labyrinth rat

Despite it rather apalling look, labyrinth rat is rather harmless creature. It eats mainly insects and small rodents. However, it will often attack when provoked, lashing out with its hooked tail. Anyone spending some time in the tunnels of Herculeum will have seen them, as they’re fairly numerous and can be seen scurrying in shadows.

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