Read the Docs

Read the Docs is service for hosting documentation for open source projects. They make it really easy and simple (well, as easy and simple it really can get) to have up to date documentation. It is even possible to offer several versions of documentation, say for different branches of your project.

I have used Read the Docs before, quite extensively even. The problem was that I tried to document things in too much of detail and things eventually fell behind. Recently I decided to change things a bit and pruned quite a bit of pages from documentation. In addition to that, I cleaned up what was left and updated it to better reflect current codebase. Funny thing is, while I was doing that, I got to investigate the codebase from corners that I don’t usually venture into and found some dead code.

Latest docs are more or less up to date. There are code examples both in Python and Hy. This will change as I update them and clean up the text. Docs for stable branch are in much worse state. This will be fixed as soon as I release a new version of the game.

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