Conceptualizing the characters

Herculeum currently has three playable characters (more may or may not been added later): the Adventurer, the Master Engineer and the Warrior. They’re nameless, but still individuals with some semblance of back story, personal traits and such. I’m trying to avoid writing down their backstory in game as much as possible and conceptualize them by their starting items and skills. This hopefully will leave some parts of the story open for interpretation and players can write part of it while playing the game. Not everyone will experience exactly the same story, but the general direction should be more or less the same.

The Warrior

The Warrior is your typical action hero, who tends to solve problems with force. If that doesn’t work, they just didn’t use enough force. The warrior has devoted much of their life for martial ability and is well versed with various weapons and combat techniques. The driving force between this character is their quest for perfecting their battlefield skills and using them to escape the prison.

The Warrior’s starting equipment reflects their devotion to combat: some armour, martial weapons and first aid kit is all they need to get started. The heirloom sword might not be the best weapon available, but it has lots of personal value to the Warrior and they won’t easily part with it.

Different combat techniques will help the Warrior to dispatch their opponents quickly and effectively. They are all about dashing in the middle of the enemies and inflicting maximum amount of damage. Very effective when it works out, very dangerous when it doesn’t.

The Master Engineer

In contrast to the Warrior, the Master Engineer tends to avoid direct fighting and uses various tools and gadgets for solving problems. They’re able to devise gadgets from piles of junk lying about and bust doors open or cause cave ins at tactical locations. The Master Engineer ventured into prison tunnels in search of ancient wisdom and gadgets that are bound to be somewhere there, if you just know where to look at.

While the Master Engineer doesn’t have as formidable armour or weapons as the Warrior, they have small selection of potions and traps to get them started. And instead of a weapon, they chose to carry a shovel for clearing obstacles and digging trenches. The Master Engineer is also carrying a leatherbound notebook, where they sometimes jot down notes about architecture or interesting contraptions.

The Master Engineer has learned how to use the landscape to their advantage and especially how to modify it to make combat easier for them and harder for their enemies. Their skills are all about digging trenches, building fortifications and causing cave ins in strategically selected locations.

The Adventurer

The Adventurer loves plots, the more complicated, the better. They love misdirection and playing tricks to their opponents, while snatching gold and other valuable items as much as possible. This actually is the reason why they chose to originally venture into prison tunnels. The Adventurer played one trick too many to a wrong person and had to flee. Now they’re in for the adventure of their lifetime.

The Adventurer is traveling lightly, rather trusting their skills of avoidance and misdirection than help of tools or weapons. They have a small dagger and few baits to lure monsters away, but that’s about it. In addition to that, the Adventurer is carrying a love letter from a local nobility, which they would never dream to leave behind.

Since the Adventurer prefers to avoid combat as much as possible, they are quite capable of running from cover to cover and from shadow to shadow without their enemies noticing them. The Adventurer has encountered so many traps during their adventurers that they have developed 5th sense about them and can sometimes dodge a trap.


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