Timesharing between projects

Not sure if timesharing is 100% correct term, but it’s the best term I could think of. I’m a person who likes to tinker with lots and lots of different things. This is fun and there’s always something new to see and try out. The problem of course is that the nothing ever gets finished.

To try to remedy this, I decided to do a little experiment and divided my week between three projects: reading through Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid,working with pyherc and learning Unreal Engine.  Monday and Thursday are reserved for GEB, Tuesday and Friday for pyherc and Wednesday and Saturday are for Unreal Engine. Sunday isn’t specifically for anything. On every given day, I would spend at least an hour or two working on the given subject.

After trying this for one week, I have spotted some problems with the idea. Especially coding is something that isn’t easy to constrain within fixed slot of time. Sometimes progress is quick and you want to keep working on more. Sometimes problem is so interesting that you would want to spend more time on it. And so on.. This happened on both times I was working on pyherc. I have there fairly interesting problem to solve, which requires quite a big rewrite of code. One evening twice a week is too short time to get really deep in the code and start cutting pieces and rearrange them differently.

However, with GEB this system is working fairly well. I read one evening and then spend two days mulling over the ideas and digesting them. Then I read some more and repeat the process. Concepts and ideas presented in GEB take me some time to really grasp after all.

On the Unreal side I haven’t made much of progress yet. I did get tools installed and simple example project compiled and running (even made a standalone .exe for Windows just for fun). But mostly my time is spent perusing the documentation and going through quick start guides. I’ll probably try and make something really simple eventually with it. Simple enough that I can actually finish it and complex enough that I have chance to try different things.

I’m also thinking that for the next week I’ll slightly adjust things and have consecutive days reserved for single subject. Then it would be GEB on Monday-Tuesday, pyherc on Wednesday-Thursday and Unreal on Friday-Saturday. Then depending on how things work out, I’ll keep doing that or try something slightly different. Eventually I should discover a way to do all three things and make progress on each of them (and have time for family, playing games and all the other things).


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