Another week, another set of commits

The past week was really productive and I got much done. Sadly, nothing that I did amounted to something that I could actually show (at least right now). I did some fine tuning to the fungi monsters and currently I’m happy with them. Sometimes I play the game just long enough to find a room that has some fungi and then just stand there and watch how it grows and evolves.

First real addition was a new player character. To make things more mysterious, this character is playable only during specific circumstances. It still needs some work on special powers and inventory, but the start is there (and new graphics).

Minor tweaks were done to speed up the game. I didn’t profile the difference, but in modern computers it’s not noticeable anyway. It’s just nice to know that the plumbing works and is efficient.

Last change is a big one and not yet finished. If you remember, I’m using dense data structure to represent playing world. Each level is a rectangle with each and every tile stored. The new structure is sparse populated and does not enforce any particular shape on the level. It even allows negative coordinates and growing levels during game. Since the change is pretty invasive, I’m doing it on a separate branch. Basic system is working, but things like line of sight and fireballs don’t work at all.

Next week will be the last one before the release. The main goal is to finish the new level structure and then clean up the code base a little bit more (there’s always something that needs fixing). I also would like to continue with Adderall and write some more test programs.

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