status update

This week was pretty busy again in terms of everything else but coding. But I did manage to get some coding done too and fungi are finally ready to be unleashed into wild. I’m pretty happy how they turned out so far (they probably will change in the future).

There are two types of fungi currently, regular ones and great ones. Regular ones will attack everything around them (they can even attack diagonally, somethign that other creatures can’t do) that is not a regular fungi and slowly spread. When there’s a big group of regular fungi, they might combine and form a great fungi. These are much stronger than regular ones, but don’t spread around. They will also fight regular fungi. The result is that they form interesting patterns in rooms and limit the spread.

Attack of the fungi

In addition to coding fungi, I have been learning to use Adderall (the logic language, not the drug). Progress is slow, but definitely very interesting. I might soon try and convert some of the room generation code into it, just to see how it feels like.

Hopefully the next week will not be as busy as this one. The plan is to add a new character class (that is playable only under specific circumstances) and optimize the event passing a bit. There’s still two more weeks until the next release and things are shaping up fine.

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