Status update

Another week flew past like nothing before. But I did manage to get some coding done here and there. I created an account at Gemnasium and now dependencies of pyherc are automatically tracked. If there is a newer version of a library that I use, I’ll get a notifaction about it.

First trap is working now and being used in the game. If a player, or any other creature for that matter, steps into a pit, he is immediately killed. No saves, no magical items can save him. Luckily those pits are big and easily visible.

Version 0.11 was released this weekend. I’m trying to switch into mode where I release more often, but with smaller amount of changes. This hopefully stops me from doing too large features in a one go.

Final thing I started working with is the dungeon restructure. Originally the game was about descending into dungeons under city of Herculeum. At some point I switched over to escaping from a prison style game. This means that the dungeon needs to change somewhat (no point of starting next to stairs that will take you out of the prison).


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