pyherc – release 0.11

New release of pyherc was done just a moment ago. Short change log below. This version finally fixes some of the problems with AI of rats and beetles and they are again attacking the player. Hy has been updated to the latest version at the same time.

New features

  • 77 feature: swapping places
  • 73 update to latest version of Hy
  • 65 feature: cleaner AI
  • 62 feature: pits
  • ability to specify starting level on command line

Fixed bugs

  • 76 bug: it is impossible use stairs, if there is a creature standing on the other end

Known bugs

  • 42 bug: character generator generates incorrect amount of items in inventory
  • 38 bug: damage effect does not take damage modifiers into account
  • 25 bug: dying should make game to return to main screen
  • 21 bug: PyQt user interface does not support line of sight
  • 5 bug: Raised events are not filtered, but delivered to all creatures

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