Status update

I haven’t really been spending enough time with pyherc and Herculeum recently, but I still got another release out. Originally I had hoped that the magic would be in that release, but in the end I decided to postpone it. Most of the code is already in place though, just need to do the last steps.

The biggest changes are in the graphics and animations. I ended up ditching the stylized look and switched to really beautiful 16×16 tileset that I enlarged to 32×32. The tileset features animated monsters and some environmental effects that look really great and make a big difference how nice the game now looks.

Other than that, I killed couple minor bugs and made little tweaks here and there. For example, using heavy armour or weapons now makes you to move and attack slower. Previously it was possible to just mow down on enemies before they had change to damage you. Now the player actually have to think a bit before attacking.


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