New learning project

I learn by doing and I have never really learned anything about web development. So in order to fix that, I started a new hobby project (as if I didn’t have enough of them already) unexpected-raptor.

Unexpected-raptor is a web site written with Python and Django. The goal is to write a tool that helps me to manage our group’s BattleTech games. BattleTech is really great and fun game, but running a full mercenary company by hand can get a bit tedious because of all the calculations that need to be taken care of in-between of games.

Since writing a straight conversion of the rules into digital form would be breaching the IP rights of the respective owners (I seem to recall that Microsoft actually owns the rights for digital games), I’m writing a more general system that can be configured to take care of BattleTech too.

This is not the first of it’s kind, there exists multiple products that do various parts of the process. But since I’m doing this to learn web development and not to game (although that’s a nice bonus), I’ll be rolling out yet-another-tool.

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