Herculeum 0.9 released

Yesterday I released Herculeum 0.9. Release log is short:

  • curses interface
  • bug: Effects with None as duration or frequency cause crash when triggered
  • switch to Python 3

Most of the changes are under the hood. The game is now available at PyPi, which makes installing as easy as:

pip install decorator
pip install hy
pip install herculeum

AI routines of rats and fire beetles have been rewritten. They now choose an area to patrol and walk around there, pausing to wait a bit now and then. Rats prefer to stay close to walls of the room, while fire beetles stay in the middle of the room. A large room with couple of rats and a fire beetle or two is now much more interesting to sneak through.

AI routines have been written with Hy, hence the dependency to it. The plan is to use Hy for all of the AI routines in the future, which means a rewrite for skeleton warriors and the old Crimson Jaw.

Curses interface is up and working (it’s actually the interface I’m mostly using when developing the game nowdays). PyQt interface will continue to be supported though, it is not going anywhere.

Magic didn’t make into this release, although part of it is already working. I’m trying to finish it for the next release, which hopefully won’t take as long as the previous one to make.

Here’s a screenshot of curses interface showing rats and beetles patrolling the room at top right.

herculeum 0.9 - rats and beetles

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