Hy 0.9.10 Release

New version of Hy have just been released and is available in the cheese shop. There are bunch of changes in the release. Especially using keyword to get value out of dict is something I like.

Syntax fixes:

  • Macros are now module-specific, and must be required when used.
  • Added a few more string escapes to the compiler
  • Keywords are pseudo-callable again, to get the value out of a dict.
  • Empty expression is now the same as an empty vector.

Language changes:

  • HyDicts (quoted dicts or internal HST repr) are now lists that compiled down to dicts by the Compiler later on.
  • Macros can be constants as well.
  • Add eval-when-compile and eval-and-compile
  • Add break and continue to Hy
  • Core language libraries added. As example, I’ve included `take` and `drop` in this release. More to come
  • Importing a broken module’s behavior now matches Python’s more closely.

Misc. fixes:

  • Ensure compiler errors are always “user friendly”
  • Hy REPL quitter repr adjusted to match Hy syntax
  • Windows will no longer break due to missing readline

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