Tinkering with testing in Hy

I have been playing around with Hy more recently and started liking it a lot. I’m nowhere productive in coding with it, but I’m sure learning all kinds of new things.

Recently I decided to write some tests for Sandvalley project and came up with the following:

(import [sandvalley.tests.helpers [get-in-memory-connection]])
(import [sandvalley.person [save-person load-person]])
(import [sandvalley.database.schema [create-schema]])
(import [hamcrest [assert-that is- equal-to]])

(defn test-save-person []
  (let [[person {"id" None "name" "Pete"}]
        [connection (create-schema (get-in-memory-connection))]
        [saved-person (save-person person connection)]
        [loaded-person (load-person (get saved-person "id") connection)]]
    (assert-that (get loaded-person "name") (is- (equal-to "Pete")))))

(defn test-update-person []
  (let [[person {"id" None "name" "Pete"}]
        [connection (create-schema (get-in-memory-connection))]
        [saved-person (save-person person connection)]
        [loaded-person (load-person (get saved-person "id") connection)]]
    (assoc loaded-person "name" "Uglak")
    (save-person loaded-person connection)
    (let [[updated-person (load-person (get saved-person "id") connection)]]
      (assert-that (get updated-person "name") (is - (equal-to "Uglak"))))))

(if (= __name__ "__main__")

Pretty basic things, we create an empty in-memory database and do some saving, loading and updating on it. Nice thing is that I can use Hamcrest with asserts and the API does not stand out from rest of the code. The part I don’t like is

(assoc loaded-person "name" "Uglak")

, since there I’m changing loaded-person. I’ll probably end up writing a helper function that can combine two dictionaries and use it instead.

However, I haven’t been able to figure out how to run tests with Nose. If I could compile the code to bytecode, it should be possible. Hy project has tests written in Hy and apparently I can even run them with nose. However, when I tried to imitate what they are doing, I ended up getting funny errors deep inside hy2py. So in the meantime, I have settled on running tests from __main__. The drawback of course is that as soon as one of them fails, the execution halts.

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