Instant SymPy Starter

I got a review copy of Instant SymPy Starter from Packt Publishing.

Since the book is from Instant series, it is not a thick one, only around 50 pages and it does not aim to teach each and every feature of the SymPy to the reader. Instead of that, 5 common features were chosen to be covered in the book. These features are: creating and manipulating expressions, numerical evaluation, calculus and solving equations. In addition to that there are instructions for installing SymPy and various other tools that could be useful and a quick example on curve sketching.

Each section contains clear examples that teach how to for example simplify symbolic expressions or calculate limits. The mathematical reasons behind examples are not explained, but it assumed that the reader is proficient with mathematics. I liked the decision since it kept the book short and compact and there are plenty of resources for mathematics elsewhere.

In the end of the book there is some resources for further study, like articles, tutorials, mailing lists and blogs.

The book is good purchase for a person who has not used SymPy before and wants to quickly get started with the basics. The same information can be found from internet of course, but in the book it has been laid out in a nice format and explained in such a way that the reader does not get sidetracked with unnecessary details.

The book is available from Packt Publishing at:

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