Magic system for Herculeum

The next large component I’m going to start working with is the magic system. I have been thinking what kind of system I would like to have and have gone through many different kinds of system. In the end I choose fairly common and simple system.

Every character will have access to magic, but each character will have slightly different magic. Wizards for example can cast magic missiles and fireballs to harm their enemies, while barbarians use their magic to shrug off damage and boost up their attacks.

Characters can specialize to certain types of spells within their domain. For wizards these domains could be earth, fire, air and so on. For barbarian there could be frost, wilderness and rage. Specialization will grant new, more powerful spells to the character. Specialization will most likely be done with runes that player can find from within the dungeon. Because their amount is limited, all domains can not be mastered.

Casting spells spirit energy of characters. When player runs out of the spirit energy, casting spells is not possible until the energy is regained. While the energy slowly recharges by itself, there are faster ways to gain it. Barbarians gain spirit energy by fighting and winning against strong monsters while vampires drain it directly from their foes.

Some of the spells will be ranged and characters can cast them to 8 different directions (just like with bow and arrows). Some spells will affect only to the caster and some will affect an area around him. It would be nice if caster could target wall with a fireball and the fireball would explode when it hits the wall.

That’s pretty much what I have in my mind currently. Most likely I will fine tune and adjust the plan as I go and after some play testing at the latest.


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