Small steps

I managed to figure out why the style sheets were not working on Herculeum. While Python 2.x was treating them as ASCII, Python 3.x is treating them as Unicode by default. And since the actual file is in ASCII, there was a mismatch that caused errors in serialization and in turn prevented them from loading.

Switch to Python 3.2 has caused other problems too and I have been slowly patching things back in order. Behave does not currently seem to generate xUnit reports without throwing an exception, so I had to exclude it from the test reporting. I’m probably either going to use regular text output or figure a workaround for the error. As far as I understand, the problems is related to Unicode vs. ASCII again.

But the important thing is that I’m making some progress again and fixing little bugs that are lurking in the code. Eventually I want to finish the curses interface and release 0.9 and then start working on the magic system. That probably means a new player class that relies mostly on the magic.

My thesis is nearing completion. If everything goes as planned, I’ll return it in two weeks. The review process takes around a month after that. I’m really looking forward seeing it in print too.


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