Learning something new

Learning new things can be useful and can often be helpful to see new aspects of old things. I have been working with Python code for 2 years or so now and wanted to try out something new: Clojure. I have known the language for a while already and even tried to dabble with it previously (with not that great success). Today I installed Leiningen and Light Table and decided to give it another try. I’m going to try and write a simple ray tracer with it. If I can get it to write png-files on hard drive with some shaded spheres and planes, I’m quite happy. I did something like that before with Python, so the problem domain is not new to me. Code is already available at GitHub of course, but it does not do much yet.

But the language and concept is totally new. I don’t know enough of basics to be productive with the language and even the simplest things take long time (first trying, then googling and then trying again). Light table helps lot though, since I see quickly what is happening and if all my tests are still passing.

I’m not going to abandon Herculeum. The project is in a spot that requires some mulling over design of the game and figuring out what kind of mechanics I would prefer the game to have.


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