Curses (the good one)

From the beginning, the goal of Herculeum was to make an easy to play, graphical roguelike. Couple days ago I listened an episode of Roguelike Radio, which talked about designing games for visually impaired. It was really fascinating to listen a blind person play roguelike with a screen reader.

This is not really possible with the current implementation of Qt user interface, so I decided to try my skills with curses interface. There are bindings for Python and they are even shipped with the standard distribution (for *nix only). Windows was easy enough with precompiled distribution.

After couple of evenings, this is what I came up with:

curses interface

Pretty standard looking roguelike, but working. Walking, fighting and picking up items work. Inventory needs to be implemented still.

I learned that writing two user interfaces for a single game is easy way to spot some of the code that does not belong into user interface. Feeling urge to copy/paste code between implementations usually meant that I should move it to somewhere else completely. And every serendipitous moment was moment when I felt that there was something particular nice in the design.


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