Herculeum 0.8

Title: Herculeum
Summary: Simple Rogue clone written in Python.
Version: 0.8
Released: 2012-12-31
Site: https://github.com/tuturto/pyherc
Online manual: http://tuturto.github.com/pyherc/index.html
Direct downloads
* source: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/104610286/pyherc-0.8-src.zip
* windows executable: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/104610286/pyherc-0.8-bin.zip

New features

  • amount of damage done is reported more clearly
  • new area: Crimson Lair
  • weapons may have special effects that are triggered in combat
  • 45 feature: ranged combat
  • 44 feature: armours
  • 43 feature: support for vi and cursor keys
  • 40 feature: executable for Windows
  • 39 feature: the Tome of Um’bano
  • 37 feature: creating a new character
  • 36 feature: escaping the dungeon
  • 35 feature: crimson jaw
  • equiping and unequiping raise events

Fixed bugs

  • 26 bug: spider poisons in combat even when it misses
  • 10 bug: Player character creation has hard coded values

Known bugs

  • 42 bug: character generator generates incorrect amount of items in inventory
  • 38 bug: damage effect does not take damage modifiers into account
  • 25 bug: dying should make game to return to main screen
  • 21 bug: PyQt user interface does not support line of sight
  • 9 bug: Attacks use hard coded time
  • 5 bug: Raised events are not filtered, but delivered to all creatures

Other notes

  • 41 player character configuration
  • Aspyct is no longer needed to run the game
  • behave tests moved under src/pyherc/test/BDD
  • parts of the manual are generated directly from game data

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