Design document

So, I have been working on my roguelike clone for couple of years now. The very basic building blocks are in place: player can move around, interact with items and fight with monsters. There are couple of levels to explore and the game does not crash that often. Lots of things still need to be implemented before the game could be considered a game and not just a demo.

I dug out the design document and thought to copy it here:

Roguelike, turn-based, set in a fantasy world.

Graphical tiles, something else than keyboard controls would be nice.

Written with Python, plenty of automated testing.

That’s about it. Everything else I have solved when there has been the need to solve something. There are some parts of the game that I have rewritten couple of times since the first or the second try was not good enough. Which makes me wonder: if I had spent more time on designing upfront, would I have been able to come up with good design on a first try?

I’m pretty sure though, that if I had been writing a big design document upfront, I would not be as far in the making the game as I’m now.


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