Test driven development and user interfaces

I have been using test driven development for my game and have been extremely happy with the results. One section that is lacking with tests is the user interface though. Since I’m currently working on some new controls, I decided to give it a better try.

Qt has good support for testing and PyQt exposes some of the needed classes. Relying only on those however, would probably create rather brittle tests. I rather not hard code names of controls and their hierarchy, if I can avoid it.

This is where Satin comes into play. Currently it is just a readme and license file, but the plan is to write little helpers that can be used to test UI without hardcoding everything:

    dialog = CharacterDialog(character)
    assert_that(dialog, has_label(character.name))

As long as there is a QLabel with text set to character’s name, this assert will pass. It does not matter what the QLabel is named or where it is located.

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