Busy month

Recent month have been really busy and I have neglected posting on the blog. But I’ll try to write a quick recap now.

Herculeum: 0.7 is coming on slowly, but steadily. I showed it at work in our technology day, where people show projects they have been working on or are just generally interested to. Lot of people recognized roguelike immediately and some complimented the user interface (it is easier that user interface in Dward Fortress apparently). It was really interesting to watch people play and observe where the user interface needs a bit polishing:

  • Hit points weren’t visible at that point, I have added them. This was the major problem with the game.
  • To change weapon, you have to unequip the old one and then equip the new one. People wanted to just equip new one.
  • Picking items requires player to open inventory. Several people tried to pick up items by walking over them or walking to same location and pressing action button.

School: Product Data Management course is really interesting and we usually have really lively discussions during classes. I hope I can attend more on those still, but time will show.

Strategic Human Resource Management was interesting too, but from different point of view. We didn’t have that many contact lessons, but quite a bit of writing to do. I’m really happy that I picked up LaTeX for my thesis, since I could use same tools for all those reports.

Thesis is coming along, but still needs quite a bit of work. Theoretical part is mostly done, probably needs some polishing still. Action research is coming along nicely, mostly I have left just writing all the things we have done.

Writing: Next issue of Linux for You is going to have an article written by me relating to testing.


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