More PyQt, themes and graphics

I’m starting to like Qt more and more as I learn more about things I can do with it. I have been working with the user interface of pyherc and recently added possibility to use qt style sheets. They allow changing how the program looks without touching the source code. Eventually I might make it possible for user to select from several different themes and write their own too even.

Related to the themes is new look of the icons. I’m trying to stand out a bit and go for very minimalistic colour scheme, with mostly different shades of gray. Only very special items or monsters would have colour on them:

Goal is to have very clear visual style, quite similar to movie Sin City. Probably it wouldn’t be too much work to allow icons to be loaded from different directories too. This would allow creation of full themes, that could completely change how the user interface looks. Below is link to screen shot of full UI. Quickbar at the top will probably stay, but the inventory has to change to something less obstructive, maybe a dialog that can be displayed upon request.

There’s lot of work to do in the user interface side still. Currently the game is only playable with combination of mouse and keyboard. Eventually I would like to offer ability to control the whole game with only single input device, be it keyboard, mouse or joypad. This places some constraints to how the interface needs to be constructed that I still have to figure out.


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