pyherc 0.5 released

I released version 0.5 of pyherc this morning. Nothing too dramatic, but I’m pretty happy how quickly  I managed to convert user interface from PGU to PyQt4. Main reason for doing this was that I really didn’t understand how to create custom user interface elements in PGU. Not that I have created anything complex with PyQt yet either, but at least the very few components I did were easy enough.

New user interface is the main new feature in the release. Everything else is mainly fine tunings, modifications and small additions. Event system is slowly growing to accommodate more events and the new user interface makes extensive use of them.

I also like how the testing side is progressing. Cutesy is slowly growing (need to split it to separate files soon). Unit tests are automatically executed every time I make a check in. There’s problem with statement coverage though: reports seems to be generated correctly, but in the end nosetests crashes, which is worrying me. Should really try to dig out what is the reason behind that.

I don’t have any concrete plans (I pretty much never have those anyway) for what next release holds, but it might be nice to continue with the user interface and add ability to wield weapons again. Could also continue with the crypt area and add more features there (rooms, monsters, items).


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