Cutesy and poison

Some time ago I wrote couple simple BDD-tests for combat. Today while cleaning up some test code I moved two poison related tests over to BDD side. It was nice to see that quite lot of what I had written for previous tests could be reused for new ones. I only had to create code for poison specific things.

Below is the code. First test is testing that poison actually damages character. Second one is for testing that poison can kill character and dead don’t hang around in the game world.

def test_poison_causes_damage(self):
    Test that triggered poison will damage character
    Pete = strong(Adventurer())

    affect(Pete, with_(weak_poison()))

    assert_that(Pete, has_less_hit_points())

def test_character_can_die_from_poisoning(self):
    Test that character with less than 1 hit points is removed from play
    Uglak = weak(Goblin())
    room = Level()
    place(Uglak, middle_of(room))

    affect(Uglak, with_(potent_poison()))

    assert_that(Uglak, is_dead())
    assert_that(Uglak, is_not_in(room))

Poor Uglak bites the dust again and Pete continues adventuring.

I probably need to soon start thinking on how to structure code in cutesy (BDD-oriented DSL for pyherc). Currently all the code is in a single file, but eventually I have to start splitting it up. I’m undecided still, if I want to do imports from top level of cutesy package, or from individual modules. Both have their advantages. Top level is nice, because I can move around code inside cutesy without breaking anything. Individual modules is nice, because then I can have identical functions, with different meaning.


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