Dependency Injection in .NET

Finished today Seeman’s excellent Dependency Injection in .NET. I have been doing poor man’s DI for a while in my game project (and I really love what it does for the code), so the concept wasn’t new to me. Details of the matter weren’t completely clear though and there the book cleared up quite a bit, even when the language is different than the one used in pyherc. I liked the fact that until end of part 3, everything was more or less doable even without dedicated DI-container. In my opinion, this put dependency injection and not the tools in focus and that was a good thing.

The book was enjoyable to read and sprinkled with small examples that showcase what the text is talking about. At the very end of the book there’s section where 6 different DI-containers are covered briefly. The section isn’t very throughout, but gives enough information to select one and get started using it.

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